BetYa is a 100% peer 2 peer sports betting site. This means that in order for you to be part of a wager, someone else from the site has to accept the opposite side of your bet for the correct value. We match 2 users who want to bet based on the odds found on our site. Once that bet is created and an outcome has been determined, we transfer the winnings to the successful user.
Traditional sports books take the other sides of the bet themselves. Bookies ensure they make money by offering inflated odds on their site or however they reach their users. For example, if 2 teams are playing a game and each team is believed to have an exactly 50% chance of winning a bookie will price their odds to say that each team has a greater than 50% chance of winning. They always ensure that the total implied probability of an event is greater than 100%. That way simply by getting the same amount of wagers on each team they are guaranteed to make money.
We are NOT a bookie. We cannot stress this enough. The reason we started this website is because we were sick and tired of betting on sports and having no choice but to bet with these ridiculously inflated odds. Our site makes it simple, odds that are fair for both sides of every bet and always will provide users with a 100% total implied probability. As you are very aware, it is impossible for there to be a 106% outcome possibility for an event. Just can't happen.
The answer is simple really, BetYa can offer the best odds. Bookie odds are inflated to make their money by stealing 3-6% on every bet. Let’s look at an NFL football game for example. If you want to bet on a point spread you will generally find a –110 odds line for each side. With BetYa that line becomes +100 for both teams. With a bookie site a $100 dollar wager will win you $90.91 but with BetYa that same game, same spread, same $100 wager will win you $100. You will pay us our commission for organizing and connecting you with your betting opponent and then you will see $196.00 transferred back to your account. With BetYa you bet the same but you just win more.
Whenever you please. Cash outs are fast and easy. Everything is handled by Paypal so you know its secure. Just because you have transferred money into your BetYa betting account doesn’t mean it’s not still your money. Transfer in and change your mind? Take it right back out! No problem.
While it might seem like we are taking bets we are not a casino or gambling business. Remember we are peer 2 peer, but we are not one of the peers! BetYa never accepts any of the wagers it handles. We only connect users who want to bet opposite sides. If there is no one willing to take the other side of a bet then unfortunately no bet will be made. We are simply a communication company connecting users who enjoy betting on sports.
We realize that gambling addiction is a real problem and we don’t want to see anyone betting what they shouldn’t. Our site offers responsible gaming technology that allows users to set limits for themselves. A user can decide if they want to bet so much a day, week, month in both number of wagers and currency values. We also provide users with a place to contact for gambling support. We want everyone to remember to please don’t bet what you don’t have.
A BetYa Dollar is simply one currency used across the entire site. We have users from all over the world making wagers against each other therefore we need to use a common currency. By giving everyone BetYa dollars all values are the same and users are protected against the fluctuation of international currencies. A BetYa Dollar is equal to a Canadian Dollar and you can always see your account balance in both BetYa Dollars and the currency of which you deposited funds.